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Montieth’s Richly Hopped

Original Ale

delivers a full, round and complete beer flavour. It’s the hops that dominate aroma and taste. However, on closer inspection, there’s a subtle blackberry aroma which originates from the female flowers of the Pacific Gem Hops.

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Brewed to the same Monteith family recipe since 1868, Monteith’s Original Ale is considered a pale ale in the heritage of beers brewed last century.

By today’s standards, Monteith’s Original Ale is fairly dark and this illustrates how much beers have changed over time. In the 1700s, the average beer was very dark and since then mainstream beers have gradually become lighter in colour.

Monteith’s Original Ale has a solid malty characteristic tending to the dark crystal malt range, with notes of caramel or burnt sugar.

However, its key focus is extra bitterness, as the tradition of pale ales tends to be beers with significant hop characteristics.

Monteith’s brewers have been able to develop traditional yeasty fermentation characters and some fruity/berry-fruit notes to the aroma.

The blend of these characteristics creates a balance that reflects the historic style of ‘pale ales’ ~ good body, complex ale fruitiness and a significant hoppy aftertaste.

Monteith’s beers are not pasteurised, which better preserves their natural, traditional flavours.


Monteith’s Naturally Malted

Golden Lager

has a fresh natural yeastiness in the aroma and a smooth malty character. There are just enough hops for a crispness that makes it a really refreshing beer. Enjoy the smooth rounded cashew nut flavour that is coaxed from premium Munich Malts.

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Monteith’s Golden Lager is considered a ‘malty lager’ in the heritage of beers traditionally brewed in parts of Germany.

The tradition of Munich Oktoberfest and ‘export’ lagers balances a smooth mellow hop character with a rounded malty nutty richness and refreshing fruity aroma.

By today’s standards, Monteith’s Golden Lager is a rich golden colour, slightly darker than more modern ‘mainstream’ lagers. It has a smooth malty characteristic tending to nuttiness, from the use of Munich-style amber malts.

Monteith’s brewers have developed a crisp natural freshness from the lager yeast during maturation.


Monteith’s Crisp & Smooth

Black Beer

is crisper than sweet darks and smoother than harsh stouts. It’s a beer that is crafted from a blend of five premium malts to create a complex depth of flavours with coffee notes dominant.

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Monteith’s Black Beer is in a league of its own in the heritage of very dark West Coast beers brewed prior to restrictions imposed on beers in New Zealand during World War II.

By today’s standards, Monteith’s Black Beer is distinctive, with a higher alcohol content than ‘mainstream’ beers and a crisp dark maltiness. This complex malty characteristic shines through from the use of five different premium malts. With biscuit, nutty, caramel, chocolate and coffee malt characteristics, it’s a special taste in beers that is truly akin to the rich black beers historically produced on the West Coast of New Zealand.

Monteith’s brewers have developed traditional yeasty fermentation characters through which they meld berry-fruit notes with the aroma of this complex blend of malts.


Montheith’s Dry Kilned

Celtic Beer

froths up with a slightly roasted chocolate aroma from special kilning. This develops an invigoratingly dry, thirst-quenching characteristic in the beer. It’s the rich chocolate malts that deliver its distinctive burnt-red colours and baking chocolate aroma.

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Monteith’s Celtic Beer is considered an ‘Irish-style ale’ in the heritage of beers of a burnt-red colour traditionally brewed in the Emerald Isle.

Monteith’s Celtic Beer has a dry roasted malt flavour characteristic of this style of brewing. This malty characteristic and crisp dryness is derived from malts of the roasted chocolate malt style. The hop character is medium to allow the chocolate malts to show through.

Monteith’s brewers have been able to develop traditional ale fermentation characters while allowing the interesting roasted malt notes to come through in the aroma.


Monteith’s Lemon & Lime Flavoured

Radler Bier

is a refreshing fruity lager, based on the original style brewed in Bavaria in the 1920’s. In search of an invigorating brew, locals developed an easy drinking lager bier with a citrus twist – flavoured with lemon and lime. Monteith’s Radler faithfully recreates the experience, brewed to full strength with distinctive hoppy notes, a hint of natural lemon juice and a zesty citrus finish.

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Monteith’s Radler is a refreshing fruity lager beer. Radler, originates from Bavaria. It was first created in the early 1920’s by the owner of a Austrian Gasthaus, Franz Xaver Kugler. In search of an invigorating brew, he developed an easy drinking lager bier with a citrus twist – flavoured with lemon and lime. The perfect treat for the many cyclists (Radler in German) and mountain hikers who visited his alpine guesthouse.

Monteith’s Radler Bier faithfully recreates the experience, it’s a lager beer, brewed to full strength at 5% alcohol by volume as you are used to from Monteith’s. The beer is brewed with a small amount of natural lemon juice, giving it it’s refreshing zesty citrus finish.

Monteith’s Radler Bier has a level of residual sweetness to complement the added lemon juice. This combination provides balance and a degree of complexity to the flavour mix. Radler is only lightly hopped to ensure the bitterness character does not dominate the flavour.

After a hard days work (or a hike on the mountains), the refreshing citrus taste of Monteith’s will go well with asparagus rolls or a nice light spring salad. Or, you could match it the German way, with spicy sausages, cheeses and fresh bread.


Monteith’s Lively Hopped

Pilsner Beer

bursts forth with a brisk noble hop aroma. It’s a beer with immense flavour and enormous hop character. There is a tangible smooth clean bitterness, which really sets this beer apart.

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Monteith’s Pilsner Beer is a Bohemian-style lager in the heritage of extremely hopped blonde beers brewed in parts of Eastern Europe. It has a complex hop aroma and a rich hop bitterness characteristic of this tradition in brewing.

Monteith’s Pilsner Beer has a malty quality that includes smooth caramel characteristics from the use of Vienna-style crystal malts. The key flavour is its enormous hop character, crafted around this complex malt flavour.

Using a very special antique hop variety known as a ‘noble hop’, Monteith’s brewers have been able to carefully balance wonderful hop aromas with smooth clean bitterness. This complex noble hop aroma deliver a natural freshness, enhanced by the brewery’s tradition of not pasteurising. This tends to better preserve the natural traditional flavours.

Monteith’s Pilsner Beer is a premium beer that challenges the perception of lagers being merely light and mild. This tradition of highly hopped beers descends from the earliest days on the West Coast when hops were grown locally from Hokitika to Reefton and up to Motueka.